Mornington Peninsula born and bred, Anthony Ryan was raised in Mt Martha and lived in the area until he moved to the city for a short while in his early 20s to cut his teeth in the world of accounting. A student of St Macartan’s Primary School and Padua College, Anthony was heavily involved in the local sporting community for much of his younger years. He played cricket for the Mt Martha Cricket Club, junior football with Beleura and basketball with local competitions, so he was very connected with community activities. Summers were spent at the local beaches, and between the ages of 18 and 22, Anthony worked at the iconic Dava Hotel in Mt Martha. So you would say Anthony has been pretty entrenched in the local lifestyle.

“I love this neck of the woods,” says Anthony. “I did work in the city for a few years after finishing University, but I realised that the Peninsula is really where my heart is. I came back to the area and worked with a Mornington-based accounting firm for 10 years. In 2016 I made the big decision to launch Sounding Board Project.”

So how did the name evolve? “I was tired of seeing Accounting firms with names like Smith, Jones & Brown," explains Anthony, "and having worked for so long with one of the original accounting businesses on the Mornington Peninsula, I realised I didn’t want to create a firm based around tax returns and financial statements."

"I loved the idea of helping people, and I didn’t feel that taxation and financials were the be-all-and-end-all of how an accounting firm should operate. I had a handful of clients where I had a virtual CFO role of sorts. Whilst they weren’t in a position to have a full time accountant in-house, they needed a little more support around their finance functions. At the end of the day, numbers are my thing - they make perfect sense to me and they tell a story. Interpretation of that data can be a little bit lacking by some business owners. I deal with so many business owners who are amazing at what they do, but numbers aren’t their thing."

"I saw it as an opportunity to branch out, and importantly I didn’t want to be viewed in the same way as other accounting firms. I wanted my offering to stand out, so my wife and I spent a lot of time bouncing ideas around, and she quite rightly pointed out that many of my clients that I love working with come to me to throw ideas around and see if they have merit."

"We of course do the stock-standard accounting functions, but a lot of our services delve a lot deeper than that and our clients lean on us for a far greater range of services. We do indeed act as a sounding board, with issues like conflict resolution to buy-out strategies or financing and refinancing assistance. This level of involvement, consultation and advice makes us a valuable resource.”

"I’m so passionate about what I do and I work with such wonderful people, that it doesn’t really feel like work. Having a positive impact of people’s lives and their businesses is incredibly rewarding.”

Sounding Board Project services:

- Taxation Compliance

- Financial & Management Reporting

- Self-Managed Superannuation

- Virtual CFO

- Business Planning

- KPI & Performance Monitoring

- Succession Planning

- Estate Planning

- Cloud Solutions

- Business Support Services

Suite G1, 315 Main St, Mornington

0472 695 553

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