Anthony Ryan, Director of Sounding Board Project, is passionate about the Mornington Peninsula and the clients that he and his team work with. Whilst they handle the usual accounting and compliance requirements of their business clients, their services extend a lot further and clients lean on them for a far greater range of support. They do indeed act as a sounding board, operating in partnership with their clients in pursuit of optimal results. This higher level of involvement, consultation and advice makes them a valuable resource.

Of course the nature of business has changed significantly over the past eighteen months, so they have had to be as nimble and innovative as their clients to navigate through the rules, regulations and client demands during this time.

"In some ways it’s business as usual," says Anthony. "At the end of the day as much as circumstances around us have changed, business compliance requirements are mostly unchanged, so that essential service we provide to our clients hasn’t altered. But it was the extraordinary impact on businesses that Covid created, that saw us get even more heavily involved with our clients.  Having initially assisted with navigating the early impact of the Covid pandemic, we then turned to aiding them with how to come out the other side in the best possible shape."

Whilst it has been a hectic and challenging period, Anthony believes they are very fortunate in so many ways that the robust nature of their client base has ensured that not only have all these businesses survived the most challenging economic impact they have ever faced, but many have refined their approach to how they do things to have better business than before Covid started. "It’s a testament to the level and quality of businesses we work with," he says. "Grit and high-level business acumen means they have been able to navigate, and survive, this challenging time."

The general feeling on the Mornington Peninsula community is that we are fortunate to live here. The local pride is high and there is a sense of positivity despite the initial period of uncertainly and panic we faced when businesses were first forced in to lockdown.

"I have seen a very positive approach from the business community we deal with," explains Anthony. "The resilience and innovation shown has been so impressive, with businesses adjusting their business models to navigate the challenges presented. Overall, I think the peninsula-based businesses have rebounded really well, and given the ongoing restrictions with international travel, I think the local economy will remain robust through ongoing local support and national tourism in the area.”

Sounding Board Project services:

- Taxation Compliance

- Financial & Management Reporting

- Self-Managed Superannuation

- Virtual CFO

- Business Planning

- KPI & Performance Monitoring

- Succession Planning

- Estate Planning

- Cloud Solutions

- Business Support Services


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