Most of us have had to engage a Conveyancer at some point, it’s a stage that is an integral part of buying or selling a property.

It can be quite a daunting process, especially when buying or selling a property for the first time. It needs to be done properly and thoroughly, but not at the cost of transparency, efficiency and simplicity.

That's why we really admire the work of Tick Box Conveyancing. They strive to provide their customers with a holistic conveyancing solution that embraces the best possible technology (we love innovation and technology at Danckert Real Estate!).

They have created a Portal system that creates a job specific online quote and allows you to track at what stage of the conveyancing process your property is at – without having to make a phone call. And whilst technology makes the processes more efficient, it is the expertise and resourcefulness of their people that makes it personal and professional.

Tick Box Conveyancing prides itself on being able to deliver its customers a solution no matter whether they are buying, selling, transferring or even placing title insurance.


Whether you are buying or selling, Tick Box Conveyancing can help with purchases and sales of the following:

  • Off the plan
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Car Parks
  • Marina Berths

However conveyancing offers more than services for buying and selling:

  • Transfers
  • Refinances
  • Leasing
  • Business
  • Subdivision
  • Owners Corporations
  • Caveats
  • Title Insurance


,,,How do I know how much Stamp Duty I will have to pay?,
  • When you buy Victorian land, which may include buildings, you are liable to pay land transfer duty (otherwise known as stamp duty). The duty payable is based on the market value of the property or the purchase price, whichever is greater.
  • Keep in mind, if you are a first home owner, you may be eligible for a discount.

,,,How do I know how much Land Tax I will have to pay?,
  • If you own property, you may have to pay land tax. However if you live in your own home, it is generally exempt.
  • If you are in any doubt about your land tax, or if you are not even sure if you should be paying land tax on property you own, please ensure you contact Tick Box Conveyancing for a quote.

,,,What is VOI? Why do I need it?,
  • VOI stands for Verification of ID.
  • Most of the documents you need to sign through the conveyancing process will need VOI. This is to ensure the people signing the documents are who they say they are. (Tick Box makes this process as easy as possible – they can arrange for VOI to occur at your place of work through their ZipID service.)

,,,What is PEXA?,
  • PEXA is Australia’s biggest online property exchange network. It effectively allows conveyancers the ability to lodge documents with Land Registries and complete financial settlements electronically. This has revolutionised the way conveyances are conducted in Victoria.

,,,What is a caveat?,
  • A caveat protects your interest in a property. Simply put, it is a way of telling anyone who wants to deal with the property to be aware of that that someone else’s interest already has provided. That means that anyone who checks the Certificate of Title of the property will be alerted of the interest of the “caveator” in the property.

,,,Why do I need title insurance?,
  • Title insurance is available to home owners, commercial property owners, residential mortgage lenders and commercial mortgage lenders. At Tick Box Conveyancing they identify any restrictions or risks that may affect the use of the property you have purchased in the future.
  • Title insurance is a good option to protect you from 'unknown risks'. 'Unkown risks' are risks that are not identified during the Conveyancing transaction and cause financial loss to the owner. 'Known risks' are any defects in title that are disclosed by the vendor or otherwise discovered by the purchaser prior to settlement.

,,,What is my 'cooling-off period'?,
  • A 'cooling-off period' is a defined period of time in which you are able to walk away from a contract.
  • Where residential real estate is concerned, this period is usually three business days from when the contract was signed. However, a number of exceptions apply to this rule. For instance, properties purchased at auction are not subject to a 'cooling-off period'. Similarly, a property purchased by a company is not subject to a 'cooling-off period'.

In 2018, Tick Box Conveyancing opened its second office (the first is in Moonee Ponds) in another of Victoria’s vibrant property hot spots on the Mornington Peninsula – at Level 1, Suite 1, 16 Blamey Place, Mornington. Located just behind Main Street, the office is right in the thick of the Peninsula’s vibrant real estate scene.

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