The story of Lochie Tangas and his journey into the world of videography started in his high school days. He was always interested in technology, from watches and hi-fis to cameras and videotapes. “I was obsessed with it actually, and whilst I was good at maths and accounting I decided to follow my gut instincts when I left school and enter the multimedia space.”

Finding the photography and videography components of the course the most rewarding, Lochie discovered how talented he was when he submitted three of his photographs in a class project and they were all voted into the top four by his peers. It was a lightbulb moment for him, realising he had an eye for photography, light and composition.

After graduating Lochie worked with a local newspaper for five years as a multimedia designer, and after a few years he gradually started to work with a local photographer, filming videos for bat mitzvahs (which is a girl's celebration) and bar mitzvahs. “When I received a phone call from the mother of my first bat mitzvah, and she was in tears with happiness at what I created, it was another moment of realisation where I discovered I had a talent for capturing moments, and creating an atmosphere and emotion through film.”

This led to Lochie working on more bar mitzvahs as well as weddings to get as much experience as possible, and eventually he made the life-changing decision to go out on his own. He launched his own business, Tango Films, in 2013.

We quickly built a reputation and before long we were travelling the world doing 40 to 50 weddings a year. It was an incredible trajectory but really too hard to maintain, particularly with a young family. It’s important to look at ways to be more efficient, and to work smarter not harder. Delegation is tough when you are a perfectionist but working with the cameramen and editors that I have established great relationships with means that there is always someone who I can rely on.”

Lochie’s foray in the real estate arena has proved to be one of his most successful decisions. “I had the opportunity of working with a friend who is in the real estate industry, filming property videos and helping him develop a style or brand for each property and for his business. Having worked in the wedding industry with people in a very emotional environment, I was able to translate that emotion to capturing the essence of a property. I have been able to develop a style that is quite unique in the real estate space – a move away from the more sterile, corporate style of video to one that creates a more emotive response.”

Now a few years on Lochie has grasped the idea of scalability and saw the potential of growing his profile in the property market whilst still maintaining the lucrative wedding projects. “I have now recruited a team by sourcing videographers and photographers who have gone on the same journey as me. They understand how to work in an environment that is really fast paced and where there are no second chances, and they produce wonderful results with the same attention to detail as I do.”

Lochie and his wife (who is originally from Red Hill) and two year old child recently moved to Mt Martha and they are expecting their second child. Mt Martha has definitely become home, and they are loving having a garden and space for their family to grow. He is maturing his brand to target more high-end real estate and developments and form relationships with clients on the Mornington Peninsula, like Danckert Real Estate.

“Sam is fantastic to work with,” says Lochie. “He gives us full creative license which brings out the best in our work. We have rebranded from Flip Video to Flip Films which represents more of the film production we do. It’s more uplifting and shows what we can achieve on film – Spaces, Architecture, People and Brands. We are so proud of the body of work we have created, and of the amazing projects we now have the capacity to work on.”





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