Paul McQuillan is the quintessential Mornington Peninsula local. Growing up on the southern peninsula, surfing was a major part of Paul’s lifestyle.

“I love being near the beach, it has always been a huge part of my life. So growing up on the Mornington Peninsula gave me every opportunity to enjoy the best possible lifestyle and experience what I love most every day," explains Paul.

"I love being outdoors and building things with my hands, and landscaping gives me a creative outlet too. So straight after school I got an apprenticeship and shortly after that I set up Paul McQuillan Landscapes. It’s fantastic being able to live and work on the Peninsula doing what I love.”

Paul’s main client base is medium to high end residential, and he was also involved with Peninsula Hot Springs for a few years building their new pool areas.

Says Paul, "We were there for around two and a half years and it was an amazing experience to be involved in that level and standard of construction. We have multiple jobs running at any one time though - with 17 people on my team it’s a busy operation.”

“When we first meet with a client we sit down and discuss what their needs are for the garden we’re going to build. We then discuss the various avenues we can go down to achieve that look and what else we can add to the design brief. Landscape projects can be very involved and detailed, and can last anywhere from three weeks to more than 12 months.”

“We have seen landscape design evolve over the years on the Mornington Peninsula. There has definitely been advancement in technology in terms of lighting, design, irrigation and automation, and also in terms of the variety of natural materials we have introduced from around the world.”

“Whilst there is an interest in drought tolerant plants, there’s a real mix in the types of planting we incorporate into a design. We’re working on an incredible project in Mt Martha at the moment with very high end plants that will definitely need an irrigation system and the right soil and drainage added as well.”

“I personally really love modern, contemporary landscapes – they really suit a wide variety of properties and are quite sculptural in form.”

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