Alex Corradi made the Mornington Peninsula his home when his family moved back from Adelaide to Mt Martha in 2005. He went straight into the workforce, having a deep-seated drive and determination to succeed.

“I worked in the motor industry for four years,” explains Alex. “But I didn't really feel that it was going to allow me to achieve what I wanted to, from a sense of personal growth and financially as well. So I decided it was time to forge a new career path where I could foster more customer satisfaction and build strong relationships with my clients.”

That’s when Alex embarked on his real estate career. His sister-in-law was in real estate at the time in the outer Melbourne area and was very, very successful. “As an immigrant she had a very thick accent and her English was limited,” says Alex, “but this didn't hinder her at all. She has an incredible work ethic and is a really inspiring person. I always had an interest in real estate myself so I thought I would give it a try.”

Alex studied a night whilst working in the telecommunications industry and achieved his Agent's rep license, and joined a local agency in Mt Martha in 2012. Living in the area Alex knew the local community well and he could genuinely encourage potential buyers to invest in Mt Martha to enjoy the beautiful coastal lifestyle on offer. Eight years on, Alex is still living and working in Mt Martha, and was the most successful agent at Warlimont & Nutt for the last four years. He has certainly learnt a lot about the real estate market during that time.

Says Alex, “My ideas about real estate were very different before I began working in the industry. I envisaged this luxury lifestyle working with clients who wanted a property and bought it. I had no idea about the importance of relationships, and how you form bonds with Vendors and buyers for many, many years. It is vital to maintain your integrity, honesty and reliability at all times and build relationships based on trust. Reputation is everything if you want to make your mark. And in every instance I am my genuine self.”

Real estate is about the long term. It’s not just a transaction where Contracts are exchanged. “It’s about working with clients – Vendors and buyers – to help them achieve their property goals, and change their lives for the better” says Alex.

Over the years Alex has lived in Mt Martha, and indeed since he started working in real estate industry eight years ago, he has seen a significant shift in the profile of the area. “When I first moved here, and during the early years of my career, Mt Martha was predominantly a holiday home area. Most people lived and worked in Melbourne and would just travel down during school holidays or on weekends. Now the area has become home to many couples and young families who reside here on a permanent basis. The freeway provides such easy access to Melbourne, and with so many people being able to work from home, the area has become even more desirable."

Alex has sold real estate in nearby suburbs like Mornington and Mt Eliza, but he has always been drawn back to focusing on Mt Martha. “I find Mt Martha to be a very unique area with the Village directly opposite was is arguably the best beach on the Mornington Peninsula. South Beach is the heart of Mt Martha, but there are also beautiful parks and walking tracks which gives the area a rural feel. It’s very much a community – when you walk down the street people smile at you and greet you and are always polite and cheery. Mt Martha Village has been fortunate to retain many family owned businesses without large brands changing the dynamic.”

Alex has now joined the Danckert Real Estate team. He brings with him his sound reputation and strong sales history plus a knowledge of and love for the area. He is also on record for having achieved the highest sale price to date in Mt Martha.

Says Alex, “When I decided it was time to move on I initially toyed with the idea of creating my own real estate brand, so I had a chat with Sam Danckert about his business. We always had a strong mutual respect for each other. Even when we were competitors we would always do the right thing by each other for the best interests of our respective clients. After a series of discussions with him, and with the local community and other agents about Sam, I knew I wanted to be associated with his brand. Everyone always has wonderful things to say about Sam. He is known for his integrity.”

Both Sam and Alex are focused on achieving the best result for their clients regardless of personal gain. They are in the business for the long term, not short term opportunities. They are customer focused and both very much of the mindset that building relationships and doing the right thing is of the upmost importance. “There’s new life being breathed into the community, with fresh ideas and innovative ways of communicating, but with the guiding principles of integrity and honesty at the forefront of every transaction. Offering the best possible experience and outcome for our clients is what drives us, and I am so excited to be working with Sam and his team of professionals.”


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