When it comes to electrics, ensuring you have a professional electrician is so important. You can’t see the electrical work, it’s all hidden behind walls and in ceilings or floors, so you only know there’s an issue when it’s too late and reparation can be time consuming and expensive.

O’Halloran Electrics, led by James O’Halloran, is a team of qualified, skilled and straight-talking electricians. They take pride in being leaders in the field of electrical installation and lighting design, and their reputation for customer service excellence is well known through the Mornington Peninsula.

Leading the way in electrical innovation, O’Halloran Electrics delivers customised and effective solutions for residential and commercial properties. Specialising in home automation systems, O’Halloran Electrics is at the cutting edge of latest innovations, trends and technologies - not just today but tomorrow and beyond.

Imagine being able to come home to a home that is set to just the right temperature, with the garage door opening for your arrival, the blinds down, the entrance lights, your TV recording your favourite show and Spotify playing your favourite tunes through your home sound system.

And if you have ever left home in a hurry only to turn back because you may have left the lights on or the garage door open, imagine the peace-of-mind of receiving a message any time the door was left open and the convenience of being able to close it, using your phone?

This cutting-edge home automation is what excites O’Halloran Electrics. They are fascinated by all things home automation and specialise in designing bespoke systems that are in line with the latest trends and technologies available in the marketplace. If there’s a new automation product on the market or there’s even a whisper that one is coming out soon, the team at O’Halloran Electrics will know about it and be ready to advise you on the best and latest technologies for your project. They’ll meet with you, discuss your lifestyle and what you would like to achieve and create a bespoke home automation system for you.

As part of O’Halloran’s personal service, the team will design, specify, fit, manage and maintain your automation system. Each installed system is future-proofed to ensure that when new technologies and software upgrades are launched, your system continues to be ahead of the game.

Explains James O'Halloran, "We cover all aspects of electrical work including lighting control, AV and audio control, security and CCTV access control, garage doors and cinema fit outs. With the AV and audio control we can eliminate the need for multiple remote controls, your mobile phone can be your control for everything in the house. We also create lighting designs and customise lighting around our client's needs. We sit down with our client, talk through their house plans, design a lighting plan that suits their lifestyle."

James O’Halloran is also the force behind Peninsula Technologies Centre, a state of the art showroom in Mornington where you can meet with the experts, discuss your ideas and work out what you want to achieve. Meeting with an electrical expert and having a lighting design created to suit your property and your lifestyle is one of the most important steps to ensuring you have the best possible electrical system in your home. During your consultation they will design your home cabling solution as well as recommend smart, connected products to create your own intelligent home. Designing your system correctly will give you the flexibility to expand or reconfigure as your needs change, without re-wiring your home.

Peninsula Technologies Centre is filled with every switch and plug point available in the latest designs, plus innovative lighting solutions, audio visual equipment, every level of home security systems, face recognition, finger print recognition and voice recognition systems, home automation systems to suit every requirement and an inviting studio space where you can bring in your plans and talk through your complete lighting design solution.

And when it comes to installation, the team at Peninsula Technologies Centre get it right, first time. In fact James O’Halloran is one of an elite group of electrical installers to hold a Commercial Security License. This special License was introduced in around 2012. It’s a broad License that officiates the Peninsula Technologies team to work in the security field installing security cameras and alarms. It’s such a stringent process and the criteria is so strict, that it can deter those who are not tenacious in achieving goals. They investigate applicants thoroughly to ensure that only the most professional and those with the best reputations are granted these expensive Security Licenses.

You can contact James on his mobile - 0409 256 000. 2 Elite Way, Mornington

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