From the post-war migration of World War 1 to Melbourne’s property boom in the late 2000’s, the face of real estate has changed remarkably. As one of the longest standing real estate agencies in Melbourne, Fletchers are proud to be pioneers of the industry and to have reached the incredible milestone of 100 years in business.

Mornington Peninsula resident and local identity Rob Fletcher is real estate royalty.

Growing up in Kew and attending Trinity Grammar, Rob loved spending every vacation and long weekend with his parents and siblings at their family holiday home in Grange Road in Mornington (just opposite Shire Hall Beach).

Mornington was a tiny town back then, in the 1950s and 1960s,” explains Rob. “We spent our days swimming from the beach to the pier, fishing, sailing out in our row boat, and yabbying behind the old lemonade factory where the Mornington Plaza is now located. We always loved Mornington and the Peninsula.”

After finishing school it was only natural that Rob joined Fletchers Real Estate, which he did in 1971. The company was founded by his grandfather in 1919. 

My father and uncle joined my grandfather’s real estate business, and then my brother and I followed suit. We are the longest family run real estate business in the country. I never doubted my path, and now 50 years later I have just retired and still consult to the company and the industry.”

Rob was based in the Canterbury office, one of their 27 locations. And whilst his family home was still in Kew, he was always drawn back to the Mornington Peninsula. He bought a property with his brother in Clarkes Avenue, Mt Martha in the early 1970s – joining the existing dwellings and adding a tennis court to front of the block.

Married in 1978, Rob and his wife have enjoyed 44 years of wedded life. “I have always been focused and clear about what I want, and it was important to give my three sons (who are now 41, 39 and 38 years old) the same joyful upbringing I had.”

Rob and his brother sold their shared property and Rob and his wife bought a home in Dickinson Grove around 40 years ago, where they built a log cabin as their  family holiday home. They were still based in the city but had always envisioned having a home by the water, so they finally bought a block in Two Bays Crescent. They built their dream home on the site three years ago as their principal place of residence, moving between Mt Martha and their home in Kew.

Rob and his wife now have what they have always wanted, a home by the water and a boat in Martha Cove, so they can enjoy every facet of their coastal life. “Mt Martha Village has everything we need,” says Rob, “a few restaurants, cafes, newsagency, chemist, supermarket and specialty stores.”

Rob’s three sons (and three beautiful granddaughters) have now also joined the family business. One son has a disability but still contributes his services to the company, and Mark and Nick are now Directors and have equity in the business. 

Now officially retired, Rob is still consulting and keeping very busy with property listings and sub-divisions, and spending a bit more time smelling the roses.

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