It is extraordinary what you can achieve when you have the ability to visualise what a property can become with the right design direction. Such vision doesn’t come naturally to many, and often doubts, indecisions and insecurities can hold us back from making decisions that could turn a property purchase into a solid investment and a dream home.

    Engaging the right professionals who can see the potential, and the downfalls, of a proposed property renovation, or advise on the suitability of a block of land for a dream home design, can make all the difference in moving forward with clarity or stepping away until the right property or land becomes available.

    The KWD design team has a proven track record with maximising the potential of a property. They have helped hundreds of clients realise design opportunities for home renovations and extensions, and make the most of their land purchase with new builds and knock down/rebuilds. This expertise results in homes that deliver on their promise, providing years of pleasure for the home owners and ultimately the highest potential for return on investment.

    If you are concerned about or have doubts about a property purchase, a site visit from the KWD design team can help you visualise what you want to create or steer you in the right direction. Engaging the KWD design team could be your best insurance policy.

    Pioneers in custom design aesthetics, KWD does not align with any specific style of home. Rather they have the unique ability to combine key aspects from a mix of aesthetics to create a new vision that is ideally suited to the property. Combining classic and contemporary with traditional, well known and coastal design styles, KWD can bring a well known style to life or mix and match to create something completely original just for you.

    KWD's design vision combined with an intimate knowledge of real estate can help cut through the confusion and lead you to the home that is ideal for you and your family - be it a permanent residence, holiday home or investment property. In addition to understanding suburb values and the right pockets to invest in, Kate and her team can immediately visualise how an interior and exterior can be updated with a new space plan or a new aesthetic to add value and liveability. They can also determine if the home has reached its peak value, or if the design dream you have just can’t be achieved with the property in question. KWD's design vision is your best insurance.

    We recommended engaging the services of KWD to conduct a site visit if you:

    1. Are unsure of the best design vision for the property
    2. Would like reassurance of your design decisions
    3. Feel unconfident about how to convert the existing house into a beautiful family home
    4. Love a property but have no idea of its potential
    5. Are keen on a block of land but are unsure if your dream home with work well on the site
    6. Feel uneasy about how to extend or renovate a house to make it look the way you envisage
    7. Would like confirmation and clarification of your design direction
    8. Need assistance with space planning and design feasibility

    When Pia Smillie and her family decided to make the move from inner city Kew to Mt Martha, where they had holidayed for many years, the process of purchasing the perfect home was not an easy one. The property they viewed with the prospect of buying simply didn’t tick any of the boxes of what they were looking for as a new coastal residence, other than having a good land size and being located close to the beach and Mt Martha Village.

    I didn’t even want to go and see it to be honest,” explains Pia. “But it had been sitting on the market for a while, so it seemed like a good investment opportunity. Kate Walker and KWD had worked with us on designing our home in Kew, so we asked Kate to visit the Mt Martha property with us to give us her advice on the viability of the purchase. That was a life changing decision.

    Pia had seen what KWD had created with the renovation at Beechwood, the family home that Kate had designed some years ago, so she felt comfortable that Kate could visualise the end result of a well-executed transformation. Pia really didn’t feel that the property they were looking to purchase had potential, and she wanted KWD’s advice as to whether they should proceed.

    Explains Pia, “The minute Kate saw the home, she instantly loved the roof pitch and could see that the home had fabulous bones. She immediately visualised what the home could become with the right design direction. It was a massive leap of faith for me because I simply don’t have the ability to see potential and didn’t have a sense of what we could create. Kate knew she could transform the house into our dream home.

    Pia and her family were on a tight renovation budget and were concerned about the managing the renovation process. For them it was all about the location and accommodation the property offered, andthey made the decision to put their faith in the experts, trusting they could renovate their home and achieve what they needed, with KWD’s vision, guidance and execution.

    Now three years on, after an 11-month settlement, 12 months of living in the home whilst plans andpermits were completed, and an 18-month renovation, the transformation is complete. “Honestly, if Kate hadn’t convinced us to purchase the property and given us the vision for the renovation, we never would have bought it. Having her visit the site and guide us has resulted in us having the dream home wenever imagined we would ever have. I never thought in my whole life that I would have a house as beautiful as this. I simply cannot believe that this is our home.”

    For anyone who doesn’t have the design expertise to visualise the potential of a house or land, and is doubting the viability of a property purchase, trusting an expert like Kate Walker and the KWD team can be a life changing decision. KWD engenders confidence and if you trust in the process, you will not be disappointed. Conversely, if the property or land site can’t achieve your dream home, they will guide and advise you and steer you in the right direction.

    Says Pia, “I was nervous at so many points of the renovation process, but Kate backed herself 100%, and she was 100% right every time. She took us out of our comfort zone, but we trusted her with every aspect ,and all of the things I was most nervous and unconfident about are the things I love the most.

    The Smillie property became their family home in April 2022.

    Contact KWD to learn more about a site inspection: +613 5974 1800

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