What does alignment mean to you and your life?

Alignment is when our thoughts, life-choices, and direction all honour our core values. Alignment is when we listen to our intuition and move through the world embodying our true selves.

Helping children, adolescents and adults find a pathway to alignment is what motivates Brian McNeill & Rebecca Ponsioen, and what inspired them to launch Future Souls. Explains Rebecca, "At Future Souls we merge spiritual mysticism and scientific rationalism. We help you find flow and balance through questioning your past programming, navigating the cycles of life and picking up the parts of yourself you lost along the way."

We believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing,” explain Program Developer Rebecca. “And we believe that it is possible to shake off the concept that physical fitness alone creates wellbeing. We’re talking from experience. In our early careers, we leapt into the fitness industry on an endless pursuit for health and wellbeing - not only for ourselves, but for others. The idea of helping people became our driving force.

What followed for Brian and Rebecca was a 30 year journey and exploration, and ultimately a realisation, that physical fitness alone will only take you so far. Explains Executive Coach Brian, “It is not the sole source of wellbeing. Holistic wellbeing embodies physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellness- each component contributing to a state of balance.

With years of accumulated knowledge through study and through life experiences, Rebecca and Brian discovered that wellbeing, indeed alignment, is established through looking inward. They found their calling, and decided to build an online platform that allows people to discover alignment for themselves.

Future Souls now allows Rebecca and Brian to finally combine their expertise after being together for more than 15 years together, with a united and clear vision. “The experience of covid really solidified our understanding that when we’re not in alignment we can’t be our best selves. These last 18 months have actually given us time to think clearly about our paths. Alignment and vibration alignment can be applied to every aspect of our lives and lifestyles."

Explains Rebecca, “We often hear the notion that if you get into alignment, everything will go well. However with a study, research and experience we found that the ebbs and flows of life make this concept more complicated. It’s not that simple. Alignment can be difficult. Often the ripple effects of discovering alignment can prove problematic. When we are operating in alignment and honouring our true selves, others might find the adjustment difficult to understand or accept. Our new found sense of self may not be in line with what others expect of us. It may be that we decide to end of a relationship that no longer serves us, or choose not to engage in certain practices like Friday night drinks if you yourself don’t drink. So our programs also assist with educating people about the process and practice of alignment."

Future Souls is about soul work, with a range of online courses designed to bring your life into alignment. Each program has a different name depending on what areas are covered in the course – including Vibrational Living and Vibrations through the seasons. What we eat and drink during each season has a significant impact on our digestive systems and in turn our physical and psychological well being.

“Alignment is about living the life you want to live, and making decisions based on intuition rather than engaging in relationships, work and activities that no longer fit your alignment.” Adds Rebecca, “It’s about discovering what your true self looks like, and then being your true self, which can be hard in this ever changing world. Alignment could simply be a question of attaining work/life balance. Or it could be based on your health, wealth, business, nutrition, habits and tendencies, which can change and morph as we get older, get more educated and gain more experience and indeed wisdom. Our online course provides education, tools and routines for children, adolescents and adults - for anyone regardless or age, life stage or circumstance."

So are you ready to peel back your layers and reconnect with your true, most authentic self?

Is there a gap between the life you’re living and the life you truly desire? A gap between the person you are and the person you want to be?

Do you have an inner voice, whispering that you’re capable of more?

Alignment and mindset coaching is a thought-provoking and creative journey, empowering you to reach your personal and professional potential – whatever that looks like for you. Whether you need a neutral sounding board, a safe space to reflect or to work through your current blockages, mindset coaching program allows you to open up and unravel your thoughts in a non-judgmental space.

The result? Fresh perspectives. Enhanced decision-making. Increased confidence. And grasping the life you truly desire.

Future Souls doors are open to anyone who needs…

  • Guidance through change
  • Control over a situation
  • To obtain work-life balance
  • A boost of confidence and energy
  • Support with relationship blockages
  • A supportive and confidential sounding board
  • An action plan in their life
  • To uncover a mantra for a healthy lifestyle
  • To overcome difficult situations or people
  • Help to deal with stress
  • To overcome stigmas and past programming
  • To have difficult conversations at work or home
  • Clarity around their values and past beliefs
  • Guidance to define their new values

Future Souls blends spirituality and science, pragmatism and mysticism, facts and faith – and by doing so Rebecca and Brian encourage conscious individuals to become aware of their vibration, balance their emotions and return to the truest version of themselves.

"We help you tune into your vibrations so you can live a life that truly sets your heart on fire."

Brian McNeill: Executive Coach

Vibes: Saltwater

Mantra: Movement creates positive energy

Loves: Surfing and guiding others

Gift: Making people feel relaxed and comfortable in his presence

Qualifications: ICF member and ACC Executive Coach

Rebecca Ponsioen: Program Developer

Vibes: Workout wear

Mantra: It’s not about action, it’s about vibrational alignment

Loves: Health and fitness

Gift: Contagious energy

Qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Exercise Science, Master Human Nutrition and Graduate Certificate of Careers Education

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