A change is coming. A big change if the updated regulations pass through all the steps required to make it law.

According to the Mornington Peninsula Shire, the Peninsula's population is growing. By 2036 there will be over 200,000 residents. This means we will need around 1,200 new homes per year to provide enough housing. In response to this growth, The Shire has developed a sustainable approach to:

-  meet the range of housing needed (homes, units, apartments and residential aged care facilities)

- direct future housing to appropriate areas

- ensure the special values and character of the Peninsula are protected.

    The amendment proposes to update the local planning controls that affect residential development. These controls relate to building design, siting, landscaping, fencing etc.

    The amendment also proposes to reduce the cost and time to develop or extend one dwelling on a lot. This means updating specific Design and Development Overlays (DDOs) by removing permit requirements that deal with noncurrent issues, unnecessary or overly complex permit requirements superfluous or redundant provisions.

    Explains Jackie Prossor, Director of Prossor Town Planning, “Essentially there are extensive changes to the planning scheme, specifically for residential zones on the Mornington Peninsula (MPSC C219). This change aims to reduce the need for planning approval for residential developments (this doesn’t apply to Green Wedge zones).”

    So if you are intending to build a new home or put an extension on your existing home, if you meet some specific requirements you will just need a building permit from a private building surveyor – not Council planning approval. It seems these new requirements may adversely affect plans in terms of provision of open space and site coverage, which may well encourage homeowners to add a second storey rather than a larger single level floor plan.

    I am in two minds about these significant changes. There is a lot of information to work through and I’m not convinced that the community, , fully appreciates the impact of these changes. In some circumstances and for some homeowners the move will be positive, however others may find their plans are thwarted. Either way, it will undoubtedly change the architectural landscape and raise concern with existing residents who have previously worked together to share their views through the planning process.”

    Adds Jackie, “The Council has recognised that their planning system is quite arduous and overwhelmed, so the move to simplify will be welcome by all. However while the changes will reward the construction industry, community expectations and input into the planning process will be affected.”

    There is an approval process ahead, at the end of which the commentary will be collated to determine if an independent panel hearing is required.

    Recommendations will then be made for Councillors to support or deny, and if supported the changes will be submitted to the Minister for approval. If you want to know more and have your say, check out the Mornington Peninsula Shire website:

    Note: The closing date for community feedback has been extended due to the extension of the COVD-19 lockdown. New closing date is 5pm, 29 October 2021.

    As Director of Prossor Town Planning (PTP) which was founded in 2019, Jackie Prossor is committed to being the market leader in service delivery, project outcomes and knowledge of legislation changes and planning development. Highly engaged across the both the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne business community, Jackie has built a strong professional network reflective of the success she has delivered for her clients across 20 plus years of planning advice and strategy.

    With extensive experience, across a broad range of ventures, Jackie is PTPs key negotiator for client outcomes and strategy development. Her approach to a project ensures the best outcome for their clients whilst responding to the planning process and constraints. Jackie has a sound understanding of local issues, particularly around Council community and social objectives.

    Prossor Town Planning offers reliable and professional planning services throughout Victoria. Their planners have been part of the approval process for hundreds of successful projects and have extensive knowledge of the Planning Scheme and associated legislation. The team is committed to providing their clients with professional guidance needed to achieve the desired outcomes for projects and take the stress out of an often complicated process.

    Prossor Town Planning deal with a range of development proposals, including dual occupancies, multi-unit developments, single dwellings, dwelling additions and alterations, Green Wedge Zone applications, vegetation removal, commercial use and car parking variations.

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