On September 1st, Sam Danckert officially launched his first solo enterprise – Danckert Real Estate – with an office in Mt Martha Village.

"Having worked and lived in the area for much of my life, I have cemented a bond with the Mornington Peninsula, and in particular Mt Martha," says Sam."From the moment I considered creating my own real estate business, I went in to a deep state of enquiry to determine whether I believed I could make a significant enough contribution to the real estate industry in Mt Martha if I went into business myself. I had to feel sure that I have a strong enough identity and individuality to warrant setting up a new real estate company. The decision to launch Danckert Real Estate was a slow and considered one, and I am committed to offering a service based business that is fresh, innovative and exciting."

Respected for his approachable and trustworthy character, Sam has developed a reputation that is supported by more than 14 years of great results and happy clients. As a husband, father and active member of the community, Sam values his relationships with his clients who often become lifelong friends and associates. When entrusted to sell a Vendor's home, he focuses on delivering a result that his clients will be delighted with and one that he can be proud to put his name to.

Sam has brought together an enthusiastic and professional team.

Mark Engwerda is energetic and highly engaging, and brings a wealth of knowledge and incredible passion to his real estate work. His career has been based on successful relationships, understanding his clients' needs and ensuring that he delivers on his promise.

With a stellar career in the corporate world, Mark travelled extensively and liaised with leading retailers in Australia and abroad, before moving to the Mornington Peninsula with his Vendor Advocate wife. Falling in love with the local area, Mark chose to leave his corporate role and together he and his wife established Bonaccorde in Mt Martha working with clients who, like himself, moved to the Mornington Peninsula in search of the lifestyle on offer. He also worked closely with vendors and buyers who were downsizing, upsizing and investing. They operated Bonaccorde for six years and then relocated to Frankston South, launching Belmar which focused on the elite properties in the pocket around Oliver's Hill.

Having developed two highly successful real estate businesses during 15 years of tenure, Mark had a break from the real estate industry before choosing to join Sam in his new venture. Explains Mark,"I knew Sam from his time at Warlimont & Nutt and Abode, and I could see that he would be taking real estate on the Mornington Peninsula to a new level in terms of professionalism and innovation. It was the perfect opportunity for me to re-enter the real estate world, specialising in top end of the market. It's where my experience lies. I understand the client base and how to achieve the best possible results for properties in this arena."

Mark is acutely aware of the high level of customer service that is required to achieve outstanding outcomes. Through his myriad of dealings as an agent, an investor and as a home owner, Mark is able to offer an unmatched level of empathy and guidance for sellers and buyers alike to bring about unmatched results.

Genuine and professional, Kate McNeill has an instinctive curiosity and interest in the real estate market and has recently completed her Agent's certificate which gives her the ability to work in the industry. Kate has a strong interest in property which has developed through her experience as a first home buyer and which gives her a high level of empathy with those that are in the buying and selling domain of real estate. She brings her passion for the industry and her experience in customer service to her role at Danckert Real Estate.

After Amy Spargo graduated from Interior Design at RMIT her formal design career started at Rothe Lowman Architects where she formed an understanding of large scale projects, working on the well known Art Series hotels. From there Amy worked for Nexus Designs, a boutique design firm in Melbourne under Janne Faulkner AM who is still an inspiration of hers today. Amy moved to Sydney and opened their NSW office before founding Maine House Interiors with over 12 years experience in the design industry. Amy has been engaged by Danckert Real Estate to offer advice to Vendors in the areas of property presentation, staging and maximising buyer engagement through creating captivating interiors.

Melanie Quirk's strong marketing background has seen her create successful launches and campaigns for a wide variety of clients, incorporating mainstream advertising and innovative promotional ideas. With many years of experience in publishing with weekly and monthly glossy magazines, Melanie knows how to work with the media to get the best results for her clients. She also has worked in product development and design, importing and exporting and visual merchandising as well having owned and operated a retail and wholesale business. She now works with a wide range of clients from design, fashion, travel and entertainment to education, hospitality and real estate, and with the growth of social media as a vital way of communicating with customers, Melanie has become proficient at creating and executing social media campaigns. She is also an Editor with lovethepen.com.au. Melanie Quirk has been engaged by Danckert Real Estate for all things PR and marketing, and is responsible for all publicity and communications.

Sam and his team look forward to providing you with a fresh alternative in real estate on the Mornington Peninsula, and assure you of our commitment to customer service, and to achieving the desired results.

"As a boutique agency, it is so important for us to understand our clients - both Vendors and Buyers - to know their lifestyle requirements and to have a clear vision of their deep needs so we can cater to these needs." explains Sam. "We enjoy having a strong rapport that enables robust negotiations to ensure the outcome is so much richer and so much better for everyone involved. At our core is a foundation of excellent customer service. We combine old school values with the technology and techniques of today and tomorrow. We delve deep, we think and we look at the big picture, and we achieve results by taking care of the details."

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