Cameron McCullough and his team at MPNG (Mornington Peninsula News Group) not only produce our local free weekly newspapers, they are also the force behind Peninsula Essence - a free magazine bringing you all the best the Peninsula has to offer.

Peninsula Essence is different to the other magazines circulating in the region. It is the ultimate lifestyle & tourism magazine on the Mornington Peninsula, printed on great quality glossy paper with in-depth articles, great photography and fantastic reading on people and places in the local area. Each issue of Peninsula Essence features local stories and places of interest compiled by professional journalists, writers, photographers and designers. 30,000 copies are printed each month and distributed from Frankston through to Portsea.

Cam is such a fantastic supporter of the local community and under his leadership MPNG consistently produce great content and gives local business a voice. Explains Cam, “I think the area has a great vibe and it’s a wonderful place to raise children. While it’s a large area, it's still small enough where you can get to know people and there’s a real sense of community. I always say to people that because the Mornington Peninsula is surrounded by water on three sides, you tend to associate with others more closely and have a stronger interaction."

As a company, MPNG has come through the CoVid-19 crisis extremely well, which we are really grateful to the local community for,” says Cam. “We are actually really excited for what the future holds. I think 2021 is going to be a fantastic year for us who are fortunate enough to live on the Mornington Peninsula. There are so many opportunities here to do and to experience."

"From a business point of view there is a very strong pent up desire to spend money. There are so many great stories to tell. So I truly believe that our advertisers are going to enjoy the fruits of this. Who would have thought it, when this time last year when there was so much uncertainty.”

“There’s a huge interest in the Mornington Peninsula at the moment which is evident in the incredible property prices being achieved. It is THE place to be and we are tickled pink to be involved in all of the incredibly exciting things that are happening on our doorstep. It is so heart-warming to hear success stories when, for such a long time, we couldn’t really see a pathway forward. We are extremely fortunate in our beautiful area, and in Australia as a whole that we have found a way through this crisis so successfully."

"I am so mindful that the local community wants to read about the area, wants to experience all that the area has to offer – they want to eat, drink and be merry. And enjoy all that is on offer in our own backyard – because we couldn’t do that last year, and also because travel is still so limited that we are forced in some ways to focus on what we have right here. People are doing great business, right here, right now – and they are spending money on advertising so they can get their message out to everyone. The next 12 months are looking so bright.”

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