Gerry and Cynthia Walsh are the force behind Sorrento Furniture. Well respected for their expertise in custom-made sofas and armchairs, the couple are also well known for their impeccable style and grace. Gerry grew up in Brighton, and his life as a craftsman began in his teens when his neighbour who had an upholstery business asked if Gerry wanted an apprenticeship. It was a serendipitous opportunity for Gerry who, with dyslexia and ADHD, had a hard time at school with teachers who didn’t know how to handle him. So to be offered a job at the age of 15 was a wonderful chance to forge a life for himself. “I used to help my neighbour during the school holidays, so taking on an apprenticeship j


"A habitat of modern lifestyle inspired by the spirit of the Mornington Peninsula." At Danckert Real Estate we are truly inspired and excited by what has developed in the masterfully designed community space that is Martha Cove. Located at the base of Mount Martha on the stunning eastern shores of Port Phillip Bay, Martha Cove is the only waterfront community on the Mornington Peninsula. There are a number of residential opportunities here, from waterside mansions to smaller townhouses, and the impressive apartment complex - The Moorings. Fronting directly onto the Marina and Anchorage Park, the apartments are designed for community connectivity - and for elegant, informal interaction. The

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