Naomi and Stuart McIntosh made Mornington Peninsula history when they opened their whisky distillery in Somerville on March 28th, a short eight weeks ago. Says Naomi, "We moved to Mt Eliza around ten years ago to enjoy the the beautiful natural environment of the Mornington Peninsula. We are originally from the Blue Mountains in NSW, but we found the transition to coastal life very smooth as our home is on a large block surrounded natural bushland." The couple set up a business as financial advisors, and they now have a nine year old daughter and 7 year old twin boys who attend school locally. The McIntosh name goes back 900 years, and throughout history they have had whisky in their blood.


Tom Putt grew up Bayside in Melbourne, and whilst he only made the move to the Mornington Peninsula four years ago, he has already made his mark. Explains Tom, “I always saw myself living on the Mornington Peninsula, but thought it might be more in my retirement years. Thankfully my partner Mary and I decided to bring our blended family here, and we love it.” “The fact that you’re not boxed in with everyone else and that we can have our own space and not even see any neighbours if we don’t want to, gives us such a sense of privacy. And being a landscape photographer I love the idea of being able to get out and about any time and take photos. We have such a fantastic environment here that is

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