James O’Halloran loves the Mornington Peninsula. Growing up in Mt Eliza and attending The Peninsula School (now Peninsula Grammar), James did an electrical apprenticeship with a company in Patterson Lakes before landing a role with a large commercial company. During his six years there he worked his way up through the company to become a Project Manager running massive, multi-level high rise buildings right across Melbourne. “I became fascinated by home automation after working on all of the primary schools across the Mornington Peninsula around 2008," say James. “Every single primary school had a new building built under the Rudd government initiative, and I ran the projects for all of thes

Why Renovate When You Can Knock Down And Rebuild?

Planning to move because your house is too small for your family? This can be really tough if you love your current neighbourhood, the kids are in a great local school and their friends (and yours) are close by. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to stay exactly where you are in a brand new home that’s designed to meet all the needs of your family? With the cost of renovating spiralling upwards, an increasing number of people are now considering a knockdown and rebuild so they can stay in the area they love in a house that perfectly suits their lifestyle. Why knock down and rebuild? In many cases it can be more affordable than renovating an older home With the cost of land prices and stamp duty


Kate Walker grew up in Geelong before moving to Melbourne to study. Her parents have had a holiday home base in Mt Martha for many years, so

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