Tash Mathers is a shining example of a local entrepreneur who is also an incredible ambassador for the Mornington Peninsula. Growing up in the area, Tash has lived here all her life, other than her travels overseas and time spent in Melbourne during her studies and early in her career. She was always drawn back to the Peninsula though, and it’s here that Tash has built a legacy for herself and her family. “I have always loved the freedom. The sense of space is so re-energising, and you feel like anything is possible,” says Tash. “I grew up on a large property with 18 acres of land so I have always enjoyed the outdoors. I had a horse so I loved to ride. And being near the coast we always s


In a world of constant change, advertising and marketing is an arena that has seen more change than most. The internet, social media and the immediacy of access to information means that traditional methods of advertising are a thing of the past - like camera film, CDs and DVDs. Daily newspapers and weekly real estate press have had their day. The power is now in the hands of the people. Social media gives control to the individual, who has the power to scroll, flick, swipe and switch and choose what they look at, click on and delve into. So what does the advertising landscape in the world of real estate look like today? The usual suspects still exist to a degree. Some print advertising can

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