Dedication To Education

What really drives residential property markets? What makes certain areas flourish and boom whilst others stagnate or receed? Lifestyle and amenities is one of the key categories, and these factors are particularly pertinent for the Mornington Peninsula. Lifestyle is arguably the most important factor when considering a property. Research shows the fastest growing suburbs are those with shops, transport and schools. These factors rank as the most in-demand searches on – Australia’s most frequented online property portal. Lifestyle factors like accessibility to retail outlets, liveability, access to transport and jobs, health and education infrastructure and affordability a

A Brief History Of: McCrae

There’s another ‘M’ suburb we love, in addition to Mt Martha, Mt Eliza and Mornington. It’s McCrae, and the township has a fascinating history. McCrae is a charming coastal suburb nestled between Rosebud and Dromana. The area has its own coastal frontage which means the beach is secluded, safe and quiet. It is regarded as one of the most stunning on Port Phillip Bay's shore, it’s position in the bay along the Peninsula ensuring the waters are smooth and tranquil. The area was named after the McCrae family who were the first Europeans to settle in the area. They built McCrae Homestead which is now a National Trust property that is open to the public. The homestead was built at the foot of

The Local Files: Nick Roberts

Originally from Yorkshire, Nick Roberts is a long time Mt Martha resident who loves everything about the area. His family emigrated from the UK when Nick was just two years old, so Australia has always been home. Bentleigh and Croydon were the first suburbs where Nick and his family resided, which was in those days was all farmland and narrow unsurfaced laneways. “I had always wanted to be a motor mechanic, desperately. But my mother said I had to get an education first, so I struggled through matriculation as it was in back then, originally getting into a commerce degree before being offered a place doing law during the first year for the degree at Monash University.” Nick and his late wife

The Mornington Peninsula: Golfing Heaven

There is so much to love about the Mornington Peninsula right? The beautiful coastline, both bay and back beach, the wineries, the shopping, the restaurants and the relaxed lifestyle. For many though, it’s the golf courses that are the main attraction. And for good reason too. The Mornington Peninsula is home to (at last count) 18 golf courses. That’s pretty extraordinary. And given that The National Golf Club in Cape Shanck is ranked 9th out of the world’s top 87 golf club there is an immense amount to be proud of too. So if you are a golf enthusiast, or if you’re thinking about taking up the game for sport or recreation, there’s a golf course perfect for you. There’s a fantastic variety

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