New Year's Resolutions?

So here we are, three days before New Year’s Eve. Another year over, and a new one just about to begin. How has 2017 been for you? For us at Danckert Real Estate, it’s been pretty momentous. From the seeds of ideas that developed early in the year, to launching on September first, there have been moments of excitement, anxiety, anticipation, doubt, pride, satisfaction and sheer happiness. 119 days, 18 listings and 6 sales. We are pretty chuffed, and ever so grateful. When we look ahead to 2018, the future looks bright! Now’s the time for New Year’s resolutions to be put in place, so when we wake up on January 1st, we have a clear mind of what we want to achieve, create or dispense of for

The Local Files: Bronwen a'Beckett

“Mt Martha has always been a part of my life. “While I grew up in Melbourne, we always had a holiday home in Mt Martha. So every Christmas we would spend six weeks in Mt Martha, and we looked forward to it every year. And on weekends in the summer we would leave school in Melbourne on a Friday afternoon, and we’d all hop in the car and we’d be down in Mt Martha. We’d arrive in time for dinner and wouldn’t head home until Monday morning when we’d go straight to school. “I have a brother and a sister and we were a close family. Our holidays were all based around the beach. We lived just across the road from the Esplanade so every morning we’d head to the beach and set up at our boat shed, t

A Brief History of Mornington.

Mornington is a cosmopolitan seaside suburb that offers more than a kilometre of shopping with over  370 retail outlets, including designer

Get Local : A Mt Martha Village Christmas

There are two types of people in this world, when it comes to Christmas anyway. There are those who are well underway with their Christmas shopping list (they may have even bought every single thing, and wrapped them too complete with ribbon and gift tags, and placed them neatly under the Christmas tree). And then there are those who prefer to shop on Christmas Eve. At midnight even. Which one are you? If you are still on the lookout for inspiration, some great ideas and some super bargains, why not think local? Mt Martha local that is. Mt Martha Village has a host of cafes and restaurants, a supermarket, post office, bottle shop and design businesses too, as well as some very special bou

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