Creating The Best First Impression: Our Top 12 Tips

When you decide to sell your property, you want the best possible result which means achieving a fast sale for the top price. Preparing your property for sale and presenting it in the best light is a sure fire way of reaching your goal. A home for sale should always be presented in immaculate condition, which is not (for most of us) the normality of everyday life. Potential buyers do not want to see reality, they want to see themselves in a perfect house under perfect conditions. So whether you are selling the best house in the street, or your home or investment property needs some TLC, these simple steps will bring out the best in what you have to offer. It’s important to follow the steps

The Local Files: Talking To Michael a'Beckett

"I was born in the country, grew up in a little holiday town and now I live in an outer suburb of Melbourne, all without having moved from Mt Martha. It has all just happened around me." Michael a'Beckett I was born in the Mornington Bush Nursing Hospital on December 28th, 1949. My mother’s family were descended from the Balcombes who have been in the area since the 1840s. Along with the McCrae family and the Merricks family, the Balcombes were the original settlers on the Mornington Peninsula, joining with the Bunurong people who lived in the area. As you can imagine the white population was very small, less than 100 in total. At that stage travelling to Melbourne was a long journey, a

About Sam, And Why He Loves 3934

Sam Danckert grew up in Mt Martha on the Mornington Peninsula, and he established very early on in life that he loved real estate. Sam began his career in real estate in Essendon in 2004, an inner city suburb with a fast growing market with loads of properties for sale, weekends full of house inspections and a high rate of properties selling within an average of 30 days. A year later an opportunity arose for Sam to start selling properties in Mt Martha, and it made sense for him to base himself in an area that he is passionate about and has a strong family connection to. Explains Sam, “When I was five years old my family moved from Queensland to Mt Martha to be closer to my grandparents who

Danckert Real Estate Launches In Mt Martha Village

On September 1st, Sam Danckert officially launched his first solo enterprise – Danckert Real Estate – with an office in Mt Martha Village. "Having worked and lived in the area for much of my life, I have cemented a bond with the Mornington Peninsula, and in particular Mt Martha," says Sam."From the moment I considered creating my own real estate business, I went in to a deep state of enquiry to determine whether I believed I could make a significant enough contribution to the real estate industry in Mt Martha if I went into business myself. I had to feel sure that I have a strong enough identity and individuality to warrant setting up a new real estate company. The decision to launch Dancker

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